Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Group E ( Darren, Yong Hong, Ragul )

a) How do planes fly and how do they crash???
b) It is foccused as we want to learn more about aviation and use the facts to apply into the air crashes.
c) There are many air crashes in the previous decades. Although the number of aircrashes are decreasing, we want to trying to understand why aircrashes happen, reconstruct them and understand how to cope with aircrashes.
d) Not really. We can learn more on the internet, and reconstruct the events on simulations. However the difficult part is if we want to interview real investigators of aircrashes.
e) Yes it is. It would not be too difficult or dangerous.
f) We can also get videos and cockpit recorders. And hear the last words the pilots said before their crashes.
g) Yes it is. Except for the part of interviewing real crash investigators which is optional.
g) We will get from google, wikipedia and the aircrash site, where they have cockpit voice recorders.
h) Our data collected is from the internet and from experiments.