Friday, July 8, 2011

Group G ( Nicholas, Nathaniel, Sean, Hamidshah )

a) Is it the reason why the population of common mynas in singapore decrease because of the existence of the javan mynas in singapore?
b) It is focused because it affects the existence of the common mynas in singapore
c) Javan mynas are easily found at roadsides, fields, parks etc. But the only problems are where can we find common mynas, and how do we catch and keep them?
d) We only need to catch them by luring them using food into a tank/ bird stand and buy food for them to eat.

e) It does not take too much money as we only need to catch food such as bread to feed them, and make a place for the birds to stay temporarily.
f) We only need to find a space to keep them, and feed them every day and record our findings.
g) Sources:
h) Experimentation and Observation

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